Managing Your Clothing Business – Dressing For Success

Okay you finally opened up your store, things are on track and for the first time you can breathe a sigh of relief, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Managing your own clothing store can be a very joyous endeavor. You will find that running your clothing store won’t be as difficult as running a Fortune 500 company. Not just yet, anyway, but it does have its own set of rules, circumstances and tricks that need to be followed and improved on. In this article I’ve outlined some basic tips and tricks to help you dress for success in your clothing business.

If you are new to the business world, and not too sure about bookkeeping, especially if you don’t think this is very important, you should possibly look into hiring a manager. Even if it is just part time, to help you with this. Not keeping your books up-to-date and up to scratch will have very serious consequences for you in the future. I always like to think at the back of my mind that it wasn’t the FBI that caught Al Capone, it was the IRS on tax evasion. Hiring a manager also allow you more time to concentrate on the stock that you want and need, and ensuring your price structure is the way you want it. A good manager can also help you deter theft from customers and staff or help spot theft trends, allowing you to put a stop to it. You should expect to have certain losses year in and year out, whether from closing returns that you were unable to send back to the distributor or from those spare clothes that you took off the shelf that have vanished. Keeping theft down to a minimum, or none at all is an ongoing concern.

Something else you can also do that will help you in the short and long run is to get your customer’s feedback. Do you have the styles of clothing and the sizes your customers are looking for. This is pretty important; because people don’t buy what they don’t like. There is an old saying in politics, “People’s legs will do the talking”, so if you’re not selling anything that they want in the store they will be walking out. Don’t forget, you can add accessories to your clothing lines. This is a handy way to make quick money and also to keep the customers coming back, like necklaces, jewelry, earrings, watches etc. The type of products that you keep in your store will also attract the type of clients you get. Remember if you keep budget products, you will have customers with budget needs. If you keep high end products, you will attract customers with high-end means and if you keep cheap products, that’s right, you guessed it.

Advertising is another issue that you need to address. you should try and look into free and online advertising and make sure your website, if it doesn’t sell clothes – it’ll have all the information of your store on it.

Home Based Business – Dress Up Or Not?

If you run a home based business, most likely the question of whether or not you should be dressing up for work probably never occurred to you. Quite frankly, this is one of those issues that are just not that important to your business bottom line. However, get it wrong and it could become something that just undermines everything else you are doing right in your business. No, it won’t make or break your business, but it can be one of those things that drag on you in an insidious manner. So try to get this aspect of your business right from the start.

It is obvious that no one wants to have a home based business where you have to get up every day and dress formally. That is no fun. However, there are going to be times when it is extremely important for you to dress the part and be a bit more formal. Those times are most likely associated with interacting with the public or your clients. That is the obvious part about whether or not you should dress up or down in your home during business hours. There is however another important aspect that you need to give some consideration to and mundane as it may sound, it is important. And here it is – what impact does clothes have on your day-to-day outlook as a person.

The way one dresses in the workplace is important not only because you are in a formal environment, but because it also has an effect on you. It is not different at home if you are running a home based business. Should you get dressed up every day in your home while working? Of course not. But you should at least get away from the doing business in your pajamas mentality. If you are going to be in your pajamas and working, then you are probably sending yourself a signal that what you are doing is not all that important. That there is no sense of urgency and you always have all day to get the task done.

So it is important that you consider how you dress while running your home based business. At the very least, have clothes that are designated for work even if they are very casual. Running a home based business means taking responsibility for a lot including how you motivate yourself and what messages you send to yourself. Clothes and how you dress is a large part of that message.

Business Dress Code For Men

Business dress code, Smart Casual, Business Casual, Dress down. We are often requested to dress to a certain dress code at work but it’s not always clearly defined and can leave us somewhat confused. So let’s unravel the one dress code that gives us the biggest headache!

As an Image Consultant, I am frequently asked for advice on the Business Casual dress code. Many men are comfortable in the formal (Business Dress) dress code where it is clear that a suit, shirt & tie are required. Similarly, a charity dress down day provides them with no real challenges as all the boundaries have been removed for that day.

However, when it comes to Business Casual, so many find it challenging to put this look together. I can tell you that Business Casual means less formal than Business Dress yet must still be appropriate for the business environment. It does not mean untidy or scruffy or casual.

So here are some tips on how to achieve an acceptable Business Casual look;

Ensure your clothes are complimentary for your colouring and your build. They must also be current and appropriate for your working environment. Adhering to all of these rules will help you become a well dressed man.

You must be well groomed. Clean shaven with a neat and tidy haircut is essential. Your finger nails must be of a reasonable length and clean. (maybe sounds crazy but you’d be surprised at the how many men have dirty finger nails!)

Maintenance of your clothes is highly important. If you don’t like using an iron on your shirts, use a Dry Cleaning service on them instead. You must ensure you change your clothes and shoes daily as they need to be freshened and rested.

Make sure you are pleasant to be around; good personal hygiene is paramount.

So let’s put this into practice; here are some tips on how to create acceptable Business Casual outfits;

– you can do away with the formal suit and opt for a smart jacket and trousers
– a soft collared shirt is acceptable and a tie is optional
– a suit teamed with a smart t-shirt or polo shirt is acceptable
– alternatively, a smart shirt and tie with trousers and no jacket is also acceptable for Business Casual
– you must always wear smart shoes, trainer style footwear and sandals are not acceptable

So now you have all the rules and best tips for achieving your Business Casual look. If you would like to find out more, visit your local Style & Image Consultant.