Home Business – Dress for Success – or Not

There is the opinion that “the suit makes the man,” or, in a woman’s shoes, the power suit makes the successful woman. Although fashionable attire is always appropriate in certain situations, it quite often only gives the look of success but not the measure of it. This is the radical change that is happening within the home business landscape. If you go to any home business conference, brainstorming session, or meeting, you will not see the full business suit that was once required. You will look upon some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, that were once a part of corporate America, walking around in Hawaiian shirts and sandals. The leap from the big business world to home business, gives you the opportunity to reach a desirable and fulfilling place. A place where a suit is not the benchmark of who you are.

There is a new wave of those abandoning the precepts and fears of corporate life and day to day pressures of a “job.” There is a new generation of internet babies who now have a choice not be confined by a suit and a cubicle. Rather, staying at home, taking a vacation, or what ever else feels right is the freedom that is experienced within owning a home business. It doesn’t take a miracle and it doesn’t take a forceful hand, all it takes is the resolute decision to make a change.

The power to make the change is within all of us. Every day I get up, drink my coffee, and then start my marketing, all in my shorts and t-shirt. There is no suit to be found, except my bathing suit when I sit by my pool answering emails and making phone calls. It all came from answering one question: “Do I want to look successful or do I want to live the life beyond the structure that is a facade and share in a life of freedom?” I have answered this question for myself, but you have to ask it of yourself. Owning your business is the key, not wearing a suit is your right.