Business Dressing – Your Guide to Formal Pant Suits

Many of us are cognizant that dressing can divulge our professionalism which in turn can attract respect from others. When we set out for shopping, we inspect a number of factors on suits including the design, material used, stitch quality, brand name and price. But many among us are not aware of the fact that our pants play a vital role in our dressing.

Factors such as age, size and weight puts us in a dilemma while choosing the right formal pant. There are assortments of pants and not all of them are ideal for every occasion. Below are some of the common pant models that go excellent with suits.

1. Flat Front Pants – This is the latest trend in formal pants and compared to the traditional fleeted versions, flat front pants features a very young look. Flat front pants are the perfect solution for men with slim build because this will give them a flawless look. If you have heavy thighs, it is better to avoid flat front trousers because these may not look good on your thighs. These can go well with cuffed and non cuffed versions of suits. You can even go further in style by choosing wool flat fronts, which are latest and features trendy looks. Since majority of the new designs are introduced in flat fronts, it is quite easy to find a large variety of choices.

2. Single Pleat – Single pleats are around for quite a long time and can be considered as the oldest versions. The best thing about single pleats is that it can accommodate people with heavy thighs and make them look slim. With several classic versions of suits, single pleat seem to be the best option.

3. Double Pleats – These have pleats on either sides and are considered as one of the latest introductions in the market. This is not as new as flat fronts, but still is considered as a very stylish one. This can be quite good for men/women with above average weight. Double pleats are really good if you have a lower height.

Choosing the right pant suits is difficult for many but with these factors in mind; one can choose his pants easily.