Business Dress Shirts

In today’s business world Dress Shirts are a certain way to look good, feel comfortable and project a professional image at all times. With the right Dress Shirt this can be done depending on the corporate atmosphere. Picking the right type of Dress Shirts is simple once you understand the types of cloth you should be looking for in a Dress Shirt.

There are three types of types of cloth that I think you should be looking for, and it is helpful to understand what they are. When I refer to 3 types of cloth I really mean textures that the cloth is woven into and they are cotton broadcloth, cotton poplin, and oxford cloth. The fabrics best suited for a corporate setting are the broadcloth and poplin. These two texture styles fit well with the business attire worn in a formal work setting. The oxford cloth, while still a nice textured fabric, is considered for a less formal, even casual, atmosphere, maybe for the annual office party.

It was stated that a dress shirt is a shirt with a collar, a full length opening in the front from the collar to hem and arms length sleeves with cuffs. Sounds simple enough but with all the types of shirts today there are dozens of choices; easy care, French Cuff, spread collar, pin point, broadcloth and the like. Just about any Dress Shirt, if they are the correct fabric and color coordinated with you other attire, can set you apart from the other competitors in your firm. Dress Shirts can say ‘ I am powerful’ without you even to open your mouth. Dress Shirts